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Preserve the long term value of your portfolio and manage climate transition risk
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Are you a VC, a PE or a bank?

How do you factor in carbon emissions in the way you manage your investment portfolio? You already have a lot on your plate as you need to make both LPs and CEOs happy.

We get your world. Carbometrix is a solution made by finance experts for finance experts and applicable at all stages of your investment cycle. You can turn your decarbonisation path into a competitive advantage and be a leader in sustainable finance.

Sustainable finance : manage climate transition risk

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Get the key performance indicators of your financed emissions like PAI (principal adverse impact) or TCFD indicators (task force on climate-related financial disclosures)
Report financed emissions for scopes 1, 2 and 3 and comply with the highest standard like the GHG protocol
Identify the most impactful levers and turn your decarbonisation action plan into a competitive advantage
Provide accurate and comprehensive data that demonstrates your commitment to sustainability and show you are good stewards of the capital in your charge

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