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Measure what counts to actively contribute to climate change mitigation

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Crédit Agricole Île-de-France and carbometrix enter into partnership for the bank’s corporate customers

Key facts


of companies have no idea of their carbon footprint


of millennials won’t work for a company that ignores sustainability


of a company’s carbon footprint is indirect, in scope 3

Be serious with climate

Our carbon performance encompasses scope 3 – i.e. we compute all emissions, direct and indirect ones.

Obtain a carbon footprint in days, not months

Through our proprietary R&D, we have developed sectoral models to measure what actually matters in any company’s carbon footprint.

Start acting through concrete decarbonization actions

We provide personalized and science-based decarbonization levers on carbon hotspots.

Communicate with confidence

Do not risk fooling your stakeholders without having done your full carbon performance assessment, and be sure to comply with existing and future regulation (risk assessment, reporting).

Save time and act on what matters

You are a VC, a PE or a bank?

Quickly assess the carbon impact of your portfolio and deal flow

Our platform delivers a fully certified carbon footprint in hours instead of weeks, and allows you to compare your portfolio companies with theirs peers on what really matters.

Boost your attractivity with LPs

Sustainable investing and ESG are a must-have positioning to attract LPs. Offer them the guarantee that you cover what really matters and that you know how your companies are comparing.

Attract and nurture the most promising entrepreneurs

Differentiate from other investors and provide the climate toolkit so that firms in your portfolio can attract the best talents.

You are a SME, a start-up ?

Assess your carbon footprint including scope 3

Contact us for a proposition tailored to your time and budget. We can offer an in-depth carbon footprint analysis, or a quicker estimation thanks to our internally developed platform. The estimation comes with a sectorial ranking among your peers, along with customized decarbonization propositions. This is important for all your stakeholders (employees, clients, shareholders, lenders,…).

Why carbometrix?

Measure indirect emissions

Company greenhouse gas emissions are often computed without scope 3, even though it often represents more than 80% of their carbon footprint. We always account for scope 3 – whether it be upstream, in your supply chain, or downstream, during the use of your service or product.

Act on what matters

We show you the most important emission categories. Our carbon experts pinpoint which climate initiatives have the biggest impact.

Become a climate-conscious organization

You can compare with peers in your sector and track your progress. We help you engage, implement the right decarbonation levers, and communicate with confidence to your stakeholders.

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No such thing as a free lunch

When we compute carbon footprints, our customers are often surprised when we ask them questions about the types of meals that their employees usually take at lunch time. After all, the way people eat is a private matter: the company has absolutely no say in that. Why...

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Electricity producers carbon performance ranking

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Our manifesto

carbometrix is a mission-led business. It means that our purpose, which is mitigating climate change and contributing to lower GHG emissions, will always drive all our strategic decisions.



What is a carbon footprint?

A company’s carbon footprint quantifies the greenhouse gas emissions generated by its activities, services, and / or products.

It considers all the greenhouse gases defined by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) for all the physical flows without which the organization’s functioning would not be possible.

It comprehensively assesses greenhouse gas emissions, whether direct or indirect.

How is an organisation carbon footprint computed ?

According to the GHG Protocol and the Bilan Carbone® method, an organization’s carbon footprint is obtained by summing activity data products Ai with associated emission factors FEi

Carbon Footprint = A1 x FE1 + A2 x FE2 +…

Activity data are provided by the company and are representative of its activity: they can correspond to the heating of offices, transport, purchases of raw materials, etc.

Emission factors are obtained from benchmark institutions or commercial databases. We use the database emission factors of ADEME and GHG Protocol. They have more than 3000 factors and are indisputable sources.

Why is it so simple with carbometrix?

A complete carbon footprint mix both material and non material elements.

Our methodological builds on our expertise in strategic, sectoral and quantified analysis of the value chain of our clients.

Thanks to our sectoral R&D and data intelligence we are accurate and specific on material hotspots and we use estimation for elements that either are generic and can be induced from public information or represent limited emissions. This allows us both to be faster, to be more accurate and to be more competitive.

The direct benefit is that our customers focus their time and resources on what really matters and do not get lost in pointless data collection and anecdotal action plans.

Is it accurate?

Our method is aligned with carbon accounting standards which recommend the use of physical and non-monetary emission factors.

Monetary factors can be used as a last resort, but should be avoided because their uncertainty can reach orders of magnitude.

Example: €1,000 for a plane ticket can just as easily be a last minute business flight from Paris to Marseille (700kg of CO2e) or a flight from Paris to San Francisco in economy (4,000kg of CO2e). There is a six-fold difference between the two figures!

How is your methodology certified ?

A certified carbon footprint must be carried out with an expert trained in the GHG protocol or the Bilan Carbone® method. It must cover all direct and indirect emissions, and include an action plan.

Our team has been trained to GHG Protocol and Bilan Carbone® methodology. We own the ABC license enabling to perform fully certified carbon footprint estimation.