Roland Berger and Carbometrix sign a partnership to help companies and investment funds reduce their carbon footprint

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Roland Berger, a leading strategy consulting firm with more than 150 transactions in France by 2022, has signed a partnership with Carbometrix, which specialises in calculating the carbon footprint of companies and developing benchmark and carbon performance monitoring solutions for financial institutions.

In this context, Roland Berger and Carbometrix will propose a robust, simple and fast solution to calculate a full carbon footprint (scopes 1, 2 and 3) of the companies targeted by the investment funds or in the portfolio, completed by recommendations on the priority levers to reduce their footprint.

This partnership complements Roland Berger's ability to define and implement value-creating decarbonisation strategies for its fund and corporate clients.

The measure and reduction of the carbon footprint of companies used to be considered a side project, in particular for SMEs and mid-sized companies. It is now becoming a central concern for investors, to the point of being at the heart of their investment thesis. In this context, Roland Berger and Carbometrix have joined forces to help investors and companies to better manage their investments in companies with low or high carbon footprint reduction potential. Convinced that data-driven insights are a prerequisite for any effective decarbonisation strategy, the ambition is to systematically propose an environmental impact assessment for private equity transactions, in addition to the more traditional strategic approach.

The innovative solution developed by Carbometrix, based on the GHG Protocol and the Bilan Carbone method, enables a quick and simple (30 data points) carbon assessment of the entire value chain of companies. Indeed, this assessment, based mainly on physical activity data, takes into account scope 3 and allows the calculation of all emissions, whether direct or indirect.

The certified assessment is then supplemented by Roland Berger's strategic expertise in decarbonising the economy. Based on the suggestions made by Carbometrix, the firm will propose concrete, personalised and quantified actions to reduce the carbon impact of the companies studied, as well as support for their implementation during the value creation cycle. This joint offering combines the innovative methodological and technical expertise provided by Carbometrix with in-depth knowledge of the strategic challenges faced by economic players throughout a company's life cycle.

This partnership is part of the Terra Numerata ecosystem, Roland Berger's international network of innovation partners. It organises collaborations between the firm and more than 140 start-ups and complements Roland Berger's expertise with technological, methodological or specialised expertise. Roland Berger consultants have access to a single point of contact with partner companies, to bring an additional layer of innovation to their projects.

"This partnership will be a game-changer for the private equity industry. The integration of carbon performance into the due diligence process is essential to integrate climate change risks and opportunities into strategic thinking and valuations, and to identify actions to be taken during the holding period. Roland Berger is a pioneer in integrating carbon performance into strategic thinking and demonstrates its commitment to climate change mitigation" Christian Couturier, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Carbometrix

"Environmental criteria are becoming increasingly important in fund investment strategies. The partnership with Carbometrix is a useful addition to our range of services for investors and theiportfolio throughout the investment cycle. This factual and quantified diagnosis of the carbon footprint allows us to ask the right questions, to initiate a real transformation process and ultimately to create commercial, operational and strategic value as well as competitive differentiation. Investors have a role to play and a responsibility to support many SMEs and mid-market companies in their transformation to a greener world" Sébastien Murbach, Partner at Roland Berger

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