Zencap AM / NG Travel

Zencap AM is a smid-market private debt fund
NG Travel is a Tour Operator financed by Zencap AM through a Sustainability Linked Loan/ Bond (SLL/SLB)
assets under management
❝ Strong ability to quickly understand the company's business, the issues and the materiality points, particularly for scope 3. Carbometrix has communicated the company's emissions in a straightforward and pragmatic way and has succeeded in raising the company's awareness. ❞
Raphaël Delearde
Raphaël Delearde
Zencap AM
Head of ESG

Client needs

Set a trajectory to reduce scopes 1 & 2 emissions as well as scope 3 with a service provider capable of understanding NG Travel's business and using a quality methodology to achieve a satisfactory PCAF score
Undertake a climate risk analysis to identify the risks and opportunities associated with climate change to ensure the sustainability and resilience of the business, and develop an adaptation strategy

Carbometrix’s intervention was threefold

Full carbon footprint computation (scopes 1, 2 and 3) according to GHG protocol standard
Climate risk analysis relying on TCFD (Task-Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures) recommendations
SBTi commitment: Analysis of the trajectory options and proposition of a list of actions to support the decarbonization pathway

Key figures

1 Full Carbon Footprint
2 Climate Risk Analyses (physical and transition risks)
10 Countries covered
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