GBL / Sanoptis

1st ESG evaluation and reporting exercise for Sanoptis
350+ centers in Switzerland and Germany
30 carbon footprints for 29 surgical clinic hubs
❝ The Carbometrix team is passionate about sharing its expertise and making it accessible to our portfolio companies. It enabled us to deliver quality data and stay on schedule.” ❞
François Perrin
François Perrin
Head of ESG at GBL
❝ The project led to a detailed analysis and precise results thanks to the commitment of the Sanoptis representatives and the exceptional work of the Carbometrix analysts. The team was responsive and dedicated to supporting us through this exercise, which would have been impossible to achieve without external help. ❞
Samuel Scholl
Samuel Scholl
ESG & Compliance Manager at Sanoptis

Client needs

Obtain a high-quality, auditable carbon footprint (particularly for CSRD reporting purposes) in line with GBL's ESG policy applicable to all assets.
Use a robust, flexible and ergonomic solution that supports Sanoptis in a low-intrusive project.
Formalise Sanoptis' ESG organisation, reporting and monitoring by engaging them in a first carbon footprint computation exercise.

Key strategies implemented

Computing a carbon footprint
Computing a carbon footprint is the first step in assessing and mitigating climate risks associated with Sanoptis' activities, as well as defining an SBTi trajectory.
Ambitious climate policy
The project has demonstrated Sanoptis' concrete commitment to an ambitious climate policy, strengthened the quality of its banking relationships and allowed the company to negotiate funding on more attractive terms.
SBTi Trajectory
The exercise will be repeated annually to drive Sanoptis' commitment towards the implementation of SBTi targets through high-quality data.
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