Who we are

carbometrix was born out of the will to contribute to the solutions for reducing GHG emissions by leveraging the latest advances in data science.

The 3 founders of carbometrix represent a powerful mix of experience in data science, machine learning, finance and international operation.

We are pragmatic and determined entrepreneurs. Because every tenth of a degree of warming avoided counts, we have decided to contribute our ideas, our skills and our workforce to the solutions for climate change mitigation.

From left to right: Corinne Bach, Marie David and Christian Couturier.


We work with the academic sector: Telecom Paris and CentraleSupelec, recognized for their positioning at the forefront of academic research and teaching in digital and artificial intelligence.

We are part of Cap Digital, the biggest cluster in Europe and one of the largest innovators’ collective in the digital ecosystem.

Our values

To have an impact on climate change


We are here to have an impact on climate change. We are citizen entrepreneurs who want to participate in mitigating the consequences of climate change to preserve the quality of life of current and future generations.

Requirement of the scientific method


We subscribe to the requirement of the scientific method. We combine rigor and right to error. We compare our ideas, test and revisit our hypotheses and conclusions to continuously improve.

We surround ourselves with the best academic experts in the fields of climate, artificial intelligence and economics.

Mitigating climate change is a big challenge

Collective intelligence

Mitigating climate change is a big challenge. We mobilize and promote all the skills capable of providing solutions to this challenge with high standards, respect and goodwill.