Our approach

Focus on climate

We consider climate to be the greatest challenge for humanity. It is a systemic concern with consequences on society, quality of life, ability to feed humanity, peace ….

As such, among all the environmental, social and governance responsibilities of companies known as “ESG”, we have chosen to focus exclusively on climate.

GHG emissions direct and indirect

Accounting for all GHG emissions

We compare companies’ emissions across their entire carbon footprint, scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 upstream and downstream. The quantification of scope 3 upstream and downstream is essential to compare companies. 80% of companies’ GHG emissions fall under scope 3.

Evaluation of current carbon performance 

For each entity, we monitor emissions in absolute terms, in carbon intensity and their evolution with a consistent methodology from year to year.

 More and more companies are committing to long-term reduction targets, in particular through the Science Based Target (SBTi) initiative.

We provide the means to compare the decarbonization dynamics observed against SBTi commitments and the alignment with the trajectories established by scientists in climate science.

Data harnessed with artificial intelligence

More data harnessed with machine learning

Data available on greenhouse gas emissions are growing significantly, driven by the climate responsibility of companies towards their customers and shareholders and due to increasing pressure from regulators.

We collect and process existing reliable public data sources.

For missing data, we develop efficient sector-by-sector estimation models using mathematical models and machine learning algorithms. These models also make it possible to make company publications more reliable.