Business development – CEO right-hand (intern)

Carbometrix is a climate tech startup. Our mission is to make carbon performance data of any company universally accessible and comparable. The platform lets companies and financial institutions assess their carbon footprint instantly.

At carbometrix, we are convinced that transparency on carbon emissions and the ability to compare companies are prerequisites to transition toward a low carbon economy and a climate-resilient development. 

We are hiring exceptional talents with technical and business excellence, passion for designing efficient data applications and an obsession to contribute to climate change mitigation.



This role is two-fold. You will be expected to make a substantial contribution to the team and learn while doing.

Business development

  • You will segment the market, identify and qualify leads, conduct user research and sales interview
  • You will design and carry out creative and personalized “Outbound” prospecting campaigns 
  • You will understand and document customers issues in terms of business needs 
  • You will work closely with our tech team in developing new products according to market demand
  • You will put in place the business development function (tools, processes, best practices) 
  • You will monitor results with a constant focus on fast iteration and improvement

Founders’ right hand

    • You will work closely with carbometrix founders on various missions (investors and clients presentations, market analysis, tools automation, communication)
    • You will contribute to our sector analysis methodology building  our knowledge base on carbon performance 
    • You will set up internal tools and processes to improve teams’ efficiency (sales, product, HR onboarding, communication, marketing…)
    • This list is not exhaustive as it is an agile role where you will be asked to take up responsibilities based on the company’s priorities.



  • You have a higher education degree, from a top-tier business or engineering school.
  • You are analytical and rigorous, focused on details
  • You are fond of productivity tools.
  • You have a strong ability to adapt, you are curious and self-motivated
  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit, you like challenges, you welcome feedback and you are willing to get better everyday to reach excellence. You like to learn and surpass yourself.
  • You are pragmatic and know how to solve problems quickly.
  • You have an excellent level of English (read and written)
  • A previous experience in a startup and/or in business development will be strongly appreciated


Why join us?

  • Have a positive impact in helping to fight climate change
  • Join an early stage project with the opportunity to build everything from scratch
  • Flexible work organisation
  • Talented and passionate team, solid and complementary founders team
  • Time to code and think. We are obsessed with working well and fast. We won’t spoil your agenda with unnecessary meetings
  • Competitive compensation package


Recruitment process

  • Send your application in the form below
  • Introductory interview (30′)
  • Case interview (30′)

    You can send your resume: